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Joyce Horn Antiques & Betty Lou Phillips, with Segreto Finishes and Designer Nicole Domercq Zarr - It doesn't get any better then this!

Chair From Joyce Horn Antiques

In Betty Lou Phillips' new book, "The French Way with Design" beautiful photos of inspiring rooms filled with European antiques, leaves one to ask, where would I acquire antiques which are usually passed down from one generation to the next?  The answer: Joyce Horn Antiques in Houston, Texas. 

Joyce Horn Antiques, Houston TX

Isn't her store gorgeous!  Joyce and her daughter Reid, are armed with educated eyes, unerring taste, and amazing confidence in buying just the right French antiques and accessories, along with some Italian, Spanish, and Scandinavian pieces.  Each piece is personally selected in Europe by Joyce and Reid.  For those of us who do not live in Houston, Joyce Horn Antiques has contracts for shipping throughout the United States.  How great is that!  On a personal note, I have had the great pleasure of getting to know Reid over email, she is personable and incredibly generous, just give her a call and she would be happy to assist you.

 Betty Lou Phillips, "The French way with Design" Page 194-195

The picture above features the design work of Nicole Domercq Zarr from Triangle Interiors, Inc., Houston; the gorgeous, newly painted 19th C. French Directoire style buffet and the custom made Italian dining table are from Joyce Horn Antiques.  The signature plaster finish on the wall is the artistry of Segreto Finishes.

 Joyce Horn Antiques while in France

A yard sale of my dreams; this picture is from when they purchased the buffet, shown above, in France.

Page 160

Directoire style painted 19th C. commode with faux marble top and 19th C. French Louis Philippe style mirror with original mercury glass form Joyce Horn Antiques.  This powder room was designed by Nicole Domercq Zarr, while the wall artistry is by Segreto Finishes.

 page 177  French Iron Coffee Table From Joyce Horn - Designer Nicole Domercq Zarr

Page 165 Antique French Iron Chandelier From Joyce Horn Antiques - Designer Nicole Domercq Zarr

Page 162 19th C. French Confit Jars and Crock Pots From Joyce Horn Antiques - Designer Nicole Domercq Zarr

Page 166 19th C. Architectural Prints Newly Framed - Joyce Horn Antiques - Designer Nicole Domercq Zarr

Page 8 Custom Made Italian Pedestal Table and Custom Made Italian Chandelier From Joyce Horn Antiques - Designer Nicole Domercq Zarr

Page 201

A loggia with a fully equipped summer kitchen is ideal for entertaining en plein air.  The beautiful French Iron Table is from Joyce Horn Antiques; the designer is Nicole Domercq Zarr.

Antique Shops and Designers

With her amazing taste and her ability to find the perfect piece, it is no surprise that Joyce has created a beautiful home which has been featured in many articles and magazines, including Antique Shops & Designers.

Antique Shops & Designers Magazine

This breathtaking photo is the entrance of the home of Joyce Horn; the plaster finish isn't in an old Chateau, it is the artistry of Segreto Finishes.  Leslie Sinclair, who owns the Houston-based company, produces the most beautiful and specialized paint finishes. See the post here.  

Leslie's Segreto Finishes can be seen in Philip's book, "The French way with Design" as well.   Leslie's work is featured in the designs of Nicole Domercq Zarr and Pamela Pierce. You can see much more of Leslie's finishes and Joyce Horn's beautiful antiques in the much anticipated release of Leslie's second book, Segreto Style.  Available for pre-order here at and will be on its way to you the first of November!

Joyce's home as seen in Antique Shops & Designers Magazine

Antique Shops & Designers Magazine

"Crafting the interior of a room is like building a painting using scale, color, balance and for me, sentimental attachment." - Joyce Horn

Photo Antique Shops & Designers Magazine

The charming and never-out-of-style 1910 Haywood Wakefield wicker set acquired in 1969 for the living room in her first apartment, still resides in her home today...

"I believe in keeping the things that say who you are." 

Antique Shops and Designers

Suggesting the sophistication of a former era, the mirror is the center piece to this beautiful powder room; for the French, attention to details and finely crafted furniture is the standard quo.  Joyce Horn obviously had this in mind when she designed this space.  The brass basin, that vase... the hand painted vanity... unshaded sconces wash the aged walls with light, creating a beautifully adorned space.

Get your credit card ready ... While I was building this post, each photo I found was more beautiful then the next, I started with close to 80 photos, and finally, painfully, I gave up the idea of posting them all. Here are just some of my favorites.

That's not wallpaper! Throughout the store, all the wall finishes are by Leslie Sinclair's Segreto Finishes.

Your Invited to Attend
will be hosting a book signing for Betty Lou Phillips on November 11th at Joyce's store!  
This book has been sold out in many bookstores for weeks, including my Barnes and Noble.
It's a lovely book, and a must buy.
If you live in or around the Houston area, you will not want to miss this special event. 

 This Tuesday, October 14th, a new shipment is available for purchase from France
 at Joyce Horn Antiques!! **

I hope it's lovey where you are ...  All the best, Rié

*A personal thank you to the amazing Joni Webb the author of the blog Cote de Texas, who first introduced all of us to Joyce Horn Antiques.

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