Thursday, April 29, 2021

April Book Club - HOUSES: Robert A.M. Stern Architects, Gorgeous New Book!


I learned the love of blueprints from my dad; as a child I would wait patiently for him to finish, to ask him if he had an extra so I could color them, and of course add my own designs.  Even though his plans were for mainframe computers and their parts, he was a budding architect at heart, and was the first to introduce me to architecture and landscape architecture.  The first time I remember learning an architect's name was for a beautiful building by Robert A. M. Stern, who was first known for his distinguished, timeless, houses.  The firm's latest book marks a new celebration of their world-renowned residential projects.  Houses: Robert A. M. Stern Architects was recently published by The Monacelli Press, so you know it's gorgeous.  It's a sweeping presentation "...of seventeen homes that showcase RAMSA's mastery of diverse styles and highlights the firm's collaboration with leading designers, landscape architects, craftspeople, and builders around the world."  It also contains blueprints of site plans, floor plans, and early conceptual sketches, which I personally find thrilling. 

Just order it now and add it to your library, you will thank me later... Enjoy your sneak peak!

Gary L. Brewer, Project Partner

"Several years ago, a Virginia Beach couple purchased oceanfront land on which to build their dream house.  While gathering inspiration images, they discovered that many of their favorite homes were designed by our firm and that the wife's father years before had consulted Bob Stern about a house that he was thinking of building.  Introductions were made, and before I knew it, I was on my way to Virginia, where the couple showed me their site as well as several local shingle-style houses they admired.  Among them, to my surprise, was one that had been built to our 1994 plans for the Life magazine dream house." ...

Roger H. Seifter, Project Partner

"Just twenty-five miles southwest of Charleston, South Carolina, the barrier island of Kiawah was first developed as a private community nearly fifty years ago.  Since then it has become a veritable subtropical paradise of scenic inlets and lagoons, rolling golf greens, and broad, south-facing beaches." ...

Randy M. Correll, Project Partner

"This house is on one of East Hampton's most picturesque lanes, just parallel to the beach, with the sound of the ocean ever present.  The street is lined with beautiful sycamore trees that tower above the landscape, which takes on a park-like quality, thanks to the unusual siting of the house far to one side of the generous lot." ...

To Purchase Houses: Robert A. M. Stern Architects, click here.

All quotes attributed to the respectively listed partners; the opening quote sourced from The Monacelli Press press release.

Book Forward by Robert A. M. Stern.
Edited by Peter Morris Dixon and Shannon Hohlbein.
Written with Samuel Cochran.

Congratulations to Robert A. M. Stern Architects, and in particular RAMSA's residential Partners - Gary L. Brewer, Randy M. Correll, Grant F. Marani, and Roger H. Seifter on the magnificent book and each of your world class projects.

With very special thanks once again to Sarah Burningham - Little Bird Publicity - for the opportunity.

Thank you as well to The Monacelli Press, and media contact Laura Mintz, for the copy of the book to review. beautifully
x Rié

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