Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas, A Family Tradition & A Thank You!

One of our family traditions at Christmastime, is a drive to look at all the Christmas lights with hot chocolates in hands and our favorite Christmas music playing.  There are two areas in our town to choose from.  The first is Christmas Tree Lane, which is perfect for every child: every Disney character comes to life with lights, lights, and more lights, and, until the family moved, there used to be a working miniature train that would take you down several streets free of charge.  The other area is in the older, charming section of town where the trees are mature and the streets meander with traditional Christmas charm until you reach this gorgeous, life-size Nativity that catches your breath.  We look forward to it every year; it's just beautiful.  In years past, you would find families taking their Christmas photos in front of the manger, a family dog that accidentally got out sitting and waiting patiently among the animals, and one year there was even a little guy who climbed up and happily laid down with the baby Jesus...  so very sweet and peaceful! 

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for following me, and leaving such encouraging comments throughout the year.  Many of you have become friends, and I hope for many more.  My prayer for you this Christmas and in the New Year is ...




From my family to yours,  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

xx Rié

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord."
-Luke 2:11

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Interior Designer Suzanne Rheinstein's Home for the Holidays Tour with One Kings Lane & The Perfect Gift, her new book: Rooms For Living

Recently, I was asked about what items make the best unique and personal gifts to give; for me a lovely table top book can't be beat.  Each is chosen especially for the person's tastes and interests, something lovely they can pick up for a few moments with a cup of tea or study for inspiration.  Leading interior designer Suzanne Rheinstein's new book Rooms For Living is a perfect example.  Having grown up in New Orleans, Ms. Rheinstein mixes her Southern charm and hospitality with the laid back ease of her adopted hometown of Los Angeles, creating a classic style that is always fresh, impossibly pretty, and timelessly elegant, while achieving a livable, welcoming home where no detail is overlooked. 

"I feel so fortunate to be designing for clients who still care about

 inviting people to their own houses.  

What is more gracious and warm then feeding friends and family?  

Whether in special celebration around a dining room table set with 

treasured glassware and thoughtfully arranged flowers or as a 

Sunday lunch around a scrubbed kitchen table

with a basket of fruit, 

gathering together is one of the joys of life."


Collaborating with One Kings Lane,  Suzanne Rheinstein gave a personal Holiday Home Tour bringing the natural beauty of the California outdoors inside, with fresh garlands, oversize Pinecones, simple boxwood wreaths, citrus, casually draped ribbon, and candles.   She also shared her tips for an Elegant Christmas, Decking the Halls, and The Art of Casually Elegant Entertaining.  Of course since it's One Kings Lane, you can conveniently "Shop the Look" right from home.  Here's a preview of her Holiday Home Tour...

"When we moved into this house nearly 36 years ago, when my

 daughter was only about a month old, 

I did gilded magnolia leaves, just like my mother did."

"I wanted a more bronzy gold this year - not a Versace gold. 

I adore eucalyptus pods, and I sprayed 

 them gold."

"Being from the South, citrus and greenery have always been a part

 of Christmas to me."

 Ms. Rheinstein loves to host buffet-style celebrations, especially for Christmas brunch...

"Sometimes people will sit on our stairs, stadium-style.  They will 

take their plates up there and eat."

"I use candles all year, I adore them, and I think that when you

 have friends over - or even by yourself - nothing sets the mood 

more than candlelight."

 "If your life is not conducive to getting out special 

things and just living with them, then by all means

get them out for the holidays."

 "Our tree really doesn't change from year to year.  All of the

 ornaments on it mean something to us."

Wishing you 

Love ...  Joy ...  Peace

Housed in a charming cottage in the La Cienega Design quarter of Los Angeles, Suzanne Rheinstein opened Hollyhock to sell all the things she loved for the home but couldn't easily find, including 18th and 19th century antiques, home accessories, art, and books. The signature store also features Ms. Rheinstein's personal line of custom upholstery, furniture and lighting, "Hollyhock Home Collection."

Photo credit:  Nicole LaMotte
Quotes:  Suzanne Rheinstein

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

HGTV Fixer Upper's Clint Harp: New Season, His Own Show, & He is Coming to California

HGTV's Fixer Upper's much anticipated Season 3 debuts today, December 1st.  Chip and Joanna Gaines, along with their master carpenter Clint Harp renovate homes in Waco, TX and drew over 25 million viewers to tune in last season, proving once again that anything they touch turns to gold and will look beautiful!  I don't dare to guess how many people flock to Waco to see Magnolia Market now at the Silos and Harp Design Co, and drink coffee at Common Groundsbut I do know I was one of them...

Walking into Harp Design Co.,  I was taken back by Clint opening the door for me and my son, the GPS navigator, and greeting us like we were old friends he had known forever: talking, laughing... he was exactly what you would hope he would be: kind, funny, ... real.  I think that is that je ne sais quoi, "that certain something" of the show: quality people, doing quality work with love and laughter.

Clint's furniture is in high demand and can be shipped to you, including his curated goods for the home and his design collection.  I mean who doesn't want to own one of his beautiful tables?  His popularity recently earned him his own show which will debut on DIY/HGTV in the Spring, and his good friends Chip and Joanna will announce it on Fixer Upper.  Good news for those of us who live in California, Clint is coming to the G & G Premier Home Improvement Show - Bakersfield Home & Garden held at the Kern County Fair Grounds in February 19-21, 2016.  I know my family will be there, and I hope you will join us.   And Clint, remember dinner is on us!

Clint and Kelly Harp's own Fixer Upper

With a budget of $110,000 Clint and Kelly turned to their good friends Chip and Joanna to renovate a 5 bedroom, 3 bath dilapidated house they bought for $15,000, which included bullet holes.  The Harp's jokingly called it "The Pit" while Joanna called the home a "crime scene".  

"Chip and Joanna can take a complete mess and make it feel like home almost overnight.  I've seen it now over and over again.  It's truly a gift."
-Clint Harp

This gorgeous home, which is next door to Harp Design Co., didn't begin like this ...

It began like this....

"If it was anybody else, (Speaking of Chip and Joanna)  I would have been really worried and I wouldn't have bought the house."
-Kelly Harp

The original kitchen ...

The finished, renovated kitchen with custom island by Clint....  Gorgeous!

Clint and Kelly Harp's Design Co. showroom and workshop is next door to their home.

The showroom changes seasonally, here are some "Fall" pictures my son took from our visit in August.

Since our family's visit, Christmas has come to the showroom, here is a sneak peak:

Below are just some of the items you can order online @
Great for yourself or as gifts for your friends and family.  I love the reclaimed wood letters, of course I bought an "R" while I was there, and I wish I would have bought more ... heading to the online shop now.

Now you too can own one of Clint's beautiful handmade tables (as seen on FIXER UPPER)  shipped directly to you.

Clint and his wife Kelly founded Harp Design Co. with the dual focus of creating pieces of furniture that bring people together in their home, family meals, art projects with the kids, with love, laughter, and connection.  Also, they are committed to caring for the Earth using sustainable products whenever possible.  Most items are made with 100% recycled and reclaimed wood.  Watching Fixer Upper we have seen Clint gather material from old homes, buildings, dumpsters, and even scrap piles.  While rescuing discarded wood and recreating it into something more beautiful requires a lot more... love, it is worth it once the product is finished.  Pulling all the old nails, planing the old wood, hand-turning wooden legs on a lathe, fashioning tongue and grove joinery, staining and painting finishes by hand while keeping the Provence and character of the original wood; nail holes, scrapes and scars, creates a gorgeous table or kitchen island or whatever else is in the master carpenter / designer's vision. 

Here is a behind-the-scene look at the amount of time and love that goes into one table:

"Harp Design Co. exists to provide high quality, environmentally sustainable, handmade furniture."
-Clint Harp

Just some of the gorgeous tables you can order...

My sincere thanks to Clint Harp for reminding us

that restoration is possible,

dreams can be realized and celebrated.  

And for his hospitality, 

(we made it to his shop with in 15 minuets of closing, of course being the nice guy he stayed longer)

and for inspiration.  

Congratulations on your very great success and your new show!  

Blessings to you and your family!


**Photos by Portobello Design, Harp Design Co., and HGTV
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