Thursday, April 30, 2015


Santa Barbara, California
and the surrounding towns are always a great place for inspiration: sun, sand, a small but fantastic zoo, great places to eat, sleep, and shop.  Since it's a day trip for me, we make the drive several times a year and always stop on the way at Summerland, CA, and peruse all the lovely finds at Botanik . garden . style . home.  Molly Hutto, the former manager, now the new owner, of Botanik has brought a new, fresh, and lovely feel to the store.  When asked, "What does living beautifully mean to you?"  She was happy to share her answer with all of us.

One of my favorite quotes is

"Never stop dreaming ... become your dream." 

I believe living beautifully is achieved by being happy with yourself, appreciating what life has to offer and designing your life in a way that brings you happiness.   I have always enjoyed my role in the home and garden design business; it has been the creative outlet of my dreams. Getting my hands dirty planting succulent gardens, merchandising, or interior design consultation for my clients, has kept me challenged as manager at Botanik.  

Now I get to step into a new role as owner;  I still find myself dreaming of limitless possibilities for Botanik, and for my new role as a business owner.  I am excited to bring new life into the business, a fresh take on a classic store.  Botanik has a neutral color pallette to bring serenity, with color and texture in the merchandise to engage and excite the mind.  I advise my clients to do the same in their own homes, to surround themselves in a neutral pallette allowing for color and texture in accents, while adding objects and keepsakes of happy days past, to remind them of the joys in life.  I am lucky enough to see my dream become a reality.  I try to live everyday with a smile, and a feeling of gratitude for life and all it has to offer.  

Live Beautifully one day at a time and never stop dreaming.

- Molly Hutto - Botanik, Summerland CA

2329 Lillie Avenue
Summerland, CA  93067
p  805 565 3831

Congratulations Molly on living your dream, and encouraging us to do so as well!

*All photos by Portobello Design

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Travel: Where to Eat in Napa-Sonoma, CAMPO FINA RESTAURANT

In the Napa - Sonoma area there are hundreds of restaurants to choose from. While we have are favorites, we always try to include a new restaurant with each visit.  There are a few things that are important to me.  As I am not a foodie, I don't wish to try "experimental dishes", such as grilled thistle drizzled with...  so I want great tasting food that I would like to try and duplicate at home, and add to our favorite stand-by list for each area.  Also, the restaurant has to be a destination and offer an atmosphere were I can have a conversations and a few laughs with my family.  Located in the Sonoma County area of Healdsburg, CA, one of the best stand out restaurants is Campo Fina, with their urban-chic environment, easy and efficient staff, outstanding food, and perfect dining experience.  It was raining when we were there, so their Bocce court in the back was not open for photography, but it would be the perfect place to come back with a group of friends or family and enjoy a great meal and a competitive but friendly game.  They are also the sister restaurant to Scopa - Italian Roots which is around the corner and there is also a Scopa-Italian Roots in Venice Beach CA.  I have a feeling that Campo Fina will be one of your favorite restaurants as well.

*All photos by Portobello Design

Thursday, April 23, 2015

PARIS: The World of Yves Delorme - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

*Photos from Yves Delorme and screen captured from the video The World of Yves Delorme  - Spirit

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