Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Perfect French Getaway & Wardrobe: Le Lieu Perdu and Julia Leach of CHANCE CO.

Overlooking a beautiful valley at the side of a little village, this dreamy chateau at Le Lieu Perdu in the Dordogne region of France dating from 1890 is the perfect French getaway.  Julia Leach founder of the resort-wear label Chance wanted a summer trip devoted to unplugging...

"It's usually about finding an off-the-beaten-path, upscale boutique hotel... 

But this was the first time I actually rented a place [of my own]."

Vineyard dense stretch of southwestern France between the Loire Valley and the Pyrenees in Dordogne, France was the perfect stay-cation gift for her mom (who has called the area her home for 24 years) and herself.  Complete with story book turret and stunning swimming pool, the chateau has been restored by a pair of Belgium-based antiques dealers.

"It spoke to me on every level.  

The original architecture has been respected; it's not overly fancified.

The taste level is understated and effortless,

 the rooms are airy, and the decor is a mix of new and old. 

It's not about pomp and circumstance."

Come and enjoy this inspirational design and lifestyle holiday house in France, which by the way you can rent from Le Lieu Perdu, with it's dreamy atmosphere, wildflower garden, swimming pool, and brocante touches.  It will make you want to book a last minute flight to France...

Julia Leach in one of her classic Chance boat neck shirts

INGENUE STRIPE $78.00 chanceco.com 
Think France, Brigitte Bardot, Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy, this timeless style brings a sporty chic to a quick trip to the market, a stay-cation, or pair this classic French shirt with a pair of white Capri's or maxi skirt and ballet flats or classic espadrilles for a casual dinner out with friends.

CLASSIC ESPADRILLES $48.00 www.chanceco.com
Made in a Spanish village, hand cut edges and skip stitch are evidence of their authenticity.  Select a size up for the best fit.

I cannot tell you how much I love these floor to ceiling casually stacked and stocked kitchen shelves.  They were my design inspiration for open shelves in my own kitchen.

Made in France, Le Parfait Jars from FOOD52.com

Vintage silverware makes for a pretty and unfussy table setting.

VINTAGE SILVERWARE by the pound, starting as low as $24.00.  www.napastyle.com

Local markets spilling over with summer vegetables, cheeses and fish make farm-to-table easy and divine.

"The magic hour was my favorite time - I loved the golden light while preparing dinner...

There's something special about that end-of-day lead-in to a meal 

when you just banter and putter and cook."

BEACH HOODIE $118.00 www.chanceco.com
The perfect addition to your summer wardrobe and made of a cotton blend with a natural wrinkle giving it a relaxed look and fit.

ARCHIPELAGO SUN HAT $250.00 www.chanceco.com
A sun hat perfect for long summer days out on the water, or brocante, or farmers market.  With a Swedish blue grosgrain ribbon, this versatile hat is made in Brooklyn, NY.

A Picnic Blanket that is perfect as a bed covering or tablecloth.  $110.00 www.chanceco.com
A beautiful linen/cotton blend textile made in Lithuania, and it is machine washable - How great is that.

Yes, please!  Bread from the local boulangerie, fresh butter from a market in Montpon-Ménestérol, cod on a bed of parsley, lemons, shallots from the local market, and hand-picked lavender from the garden at Le Lieu Perdu.  - I am getting my credit card.  :)

Master Bedroom - A soothing palette of white on white - one of the four bedrooms.

"The master bedroom has these big double doors, and you can open them up

and watch the sunrise as a donkey brays down the road."

"It's like a fairy tale, really."

Bouquet of lovely wildflowers charmingly fill the room

CLASSIC PAJAMA $145.00 www.chanceco.com
With a side pocket at the lower right now you have the place to hold your glasses, keys, or Kleenex, these season-less pj's are perfect for sleeping and lounging.

"I loved the bathroom upstairs...

To take a long bath on a summer night while reading a book with the windows thrown open -

and seeing these acres and acres of sunflower fields, well, it was pretty magical."

CHANCE CAFTAN: SOLID $118.00 www.chanceco.com
A signature summer uniform for beach, pool or sunny weekend lounging and comes in five dreamy colors.  It will be your go-to staple all summer long.

Gorgeous wildflowers from the gardens surrounding the property.

*Photos from Le Lieu Perdu, Chance, Food52, NapaStyle, Lonny: August 2014 The French Connection.
Text: Portobello Design
Quotes:  Julia Leach

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Gorgeous Coastal Hideaway by Hayburn & Co., Sandbanks

The unofficial start of summer for our family has always been Memorial Day.  Barbecues, pool, beach, sand and sun vacations, and longing for our own coastal hideaway.  In Sandbanks England across the Channel from Cherbourg, France, and only a 2 hour drive from London, Hayburn & Co. deliver on décor inspirations with this gorgeous estate.  Complete with bespoke living, this coastal hideaway boasts: a gorgeous and spacious kitchen, indoor-outdoor living, glamorous chandeliers and tufted banquet, enviable pantry and the sweetest puppy . . .

I adore the simplicity of these linen drapes framing the view of the circular driveway.

A secret coat closet in the entrance of this gorgeous home.

A perfect room for a cup of coffee and a morning sunrise, or a candle lit dinner with a spectacular 180 degree view.

This kitchen is brilliantly laid out. At one end of the counter is the stove, and flanked by armour cabinetry the refrigerator is on the side with another sink for prep, while the tufted banquet is enclosed as part of the island.

It's like walking into your favorite gourmet store and patisserie; I love this pantry, it's stylish, functional and a visual treat.

Crystal chandeliers, fitted tufted banquet, double sinks and ovens, glazed white cabinetry, lit glass fronts and wrap around counter top ....  Sigh

Those gorgeous curved bespoke cabinets ... 

This home has perfect handcrafted joinery on the floors, cabinets, walls, and doors.

Floor to ceiling windows and the sweetest little puppy make the perfect laundry room!  Just look at that counter space, lantern, and cabinets with open shelves.

Bespoke accordion French doors.


Sliding bespoke pocket doors with glazed/frosted glass for transient light.

Framed garden views throughout.

Bespoke hers and his closets.  Every detail considered.

The perfect estate backyard for a wedding at home, or a Danielle Rollins Soirée.  Either way, I will keep my eye on the post box for an invitation. 

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