Friday, April 3, 2015


Nonchalant and utterly chic and charming to me is the watercolor artistry of Michelle Grayson of Sprout Gallery.  Introducing myself to her on Instagram and casually asking if she would like to join the new series,  

"What does living beautifully mean to you?"

her answer was ...   


I am always drawn to blue and white, I'm pretty sure it's part of my DNA; couple that with a Chanel bag full of peonies and you had me at hello.  Michelle's paintings would look great in a series or propped against a wall, feeling more like a home gallery.  Choose a few well-chosen pieces with enough room around them so they can breathe; there is something peaceful about having a little emptiness in a room.   

I think a home or office should feel inviting, collected, and definitely personally beautiful.  Rooms are never completely finished are they?  We refresh, repaint, and redecorate.  Art can be as simple as a handwritten note or a lovely watercolor.  It doesn't have to be a precious masterpiece, but it should be personal, adding light, freshness, energy, and beauty to a space.  Having it's own reality, contemporary art sparks up the palette in a room and doesn't have to "match" the furniture.  These beautiful prints (or you can buy originals) are at once classic and oh so now, and will bring new life to your space.  

Thank you Michelle for answering the question, "What does living beautifully mean to you?" ... I found it charming. 


surrounding myself with things 

 I love most ..."

"FAMILY  foremost,

trips together, 

collecting things together, 

making things together ..."

 "And for me (just me) 

a good cup of tea, 

rain on a tin roof ..."

"and time to paint ..." 

-Michelle Grayson

To view the complete Gallery and Purchase:


  1. I think water colors are one of the most beautiful forms of art, and these in particular are wonderful. What a lovely and unique post! I look forward to more of what it means to live beautifully.

    1. Thank you, how thoughtful! I hope you come back again! All the best, Rié

  2. I love this post! Art seems to have always signified living beautifully, and in all the art media, I don't think any form is better suited to portray that sense of beautiful living than watercolors!

  3. Lawz-uh-mehr-see. Every single thing she paints is magical. Thank you for sharing. xoxo

  4. Lawz-uh-mehr-see. Every single thing she paints is magical. Thank you for sharing. xoxo


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