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BELGIAN PEARLS Greet Lefèvre: LIVING BEAUTIFULLY through my eyes

My paneled Living Room (by our company Lefèvre Interiors)

Living Beautifully to me  is being content with my life and being thankful

for good health, happiness, strong family ties ... giving love and being loved in return 

making life beautiful.

 My son Anthony & myself

Paneled Living Room

Listening  to other people while having respect  for others opinions and  

thoughts ...  helping  others without expecting anything in return ...  receiving  

lovely comments on my blog, Belgium Pearls, from my readers ...

Entry Hall


As an interior designer I can't deny I love to be surrounded by all things beautiful.  This is

"living beautifully" in the more literal sense, surrounding ourselves with beautiful things,

not to possess, but enjoying the beauty of the object. 

Dining Room with view towards the Kitchen


I am very thankful for the beautiful carved chest my late father made me, which I appreciate

more and more everyday.  Remembering that he made this beautiful chest just for me has a 

strong emotional value to me that the other items in my home do not.  His memory and his 

gift to me make my life beautiful.

HIS GIFT TO ME:  A hand carved chest by my father

Since I love every Flower I find in nature ... it is important to me that my home is never

without flowers.  As I grow older it's important to me to "live" outside which always picks me

up whenever I feel down.  Respecting one's self and one's natural environment makes one's

life beautiful.

This week's bouquet of flowers

Living beautifully is not possible, to me, without being surrounded by pets and animals.

They give us all the perfect example of how to live a beautiful life.

My horse Mango

Our Orangery with Venetian plaster technique

There are so many meanings of "living beautifully" and so many ways to "live a beautiful

life", but for me, "living beautifully" means living thankfully.  

- Greet Lefèvre

Greet Lefèvre - Belgium
Greet is an interior designer who, along with her husband, helps run a fourth-generation family-owned cabinetmaking business: Lefèvre Interiors.  All the beautiful wood paneling in the first two pictures and cabinetry in her home were designed by Lefèvre Interiors.  She also authors the blog Belgian Pearls.

Belgian Pearls

Lefèvre Interiors

Many thanks to the lovely and talented Greet for sharing with us 
LIVING BEAUTIFULLY through her eyes, and for the pictures of her gorgeous home.

Photos: Greet Lefèvre
Text: Greet Lefèvre, Edited & Arranged by Portobello Design


  1. Rie, I adore Greet and her enchanting, however oh so real life she lives. Her passions are ones that truly resonate with me and that she treasures the glorious chest her late Father carved for her speaks volumes. Thanks you for featuring my friend Rie!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Karena, I am so happy to know that you both are friends. Greet and I bonded over email because we both have sons about a year apart. She really is a lovely person. I am also so happy that you and I are getting to know each other as well. Thank you for always leaving such nice comments, they are an encouragement to me. xx Rié

  2. Oh I adore get and her philosophy rie....Thank you for featuring her. Fresh Flowers in the house and a horse? This is what I call heaven on earth. Anita

    1. Anita, I couldn't agree more... she is a lovely person, and who doesn't love fresh flowers and a horse! xx Rié

  3. What a wonderful post!!! What a beautiful person!!! xo Leslie

    1. Thank you Leslie! So encouraging as always! She really is lovely! Hugs to you! Rié

  4. I had to come back "properly" because I came earlier off my phone (at work! shhhh)

    Rié, Greet's home is superb, as we all here can see! But doesn't her style just calm you? The neutrals colors, the aged woods, the classic elements. And of course, her HORSE! Blending nature into your life is such a great way to stay "grounded" to ourselves. She does such a great job of keeping things simple but to the point of classic design.

    Thank you for sharing! Anita

    1. Love it! Come back and often!! Yes, absolutely... her style is beautiful but so calming! And her paneling, sigh! Really well stated, her design is classic but simple not over wrought. And her HORSE! Didn't she remind you of Jackie O in that picture. Thank you for your comments, they really mean so much! Hugs! Rié

  5. a beautiful post about a beautiful woman, inside and out

    1. Debra, So happy you came by! Yes, she really is a beautiful woman inside and out and so talented. Not a combination you see much of. Hugs to you. Heading over to your blog, I was gone all last week and need to catch up ... Rié

  6. Dear Rié, thank you so much for this featuring in your wonderful 'Living Beautifully' series. I do feel honored you asked me for the series and I am so very much surprised to read these wonderful comments of your readers. A huge thank you to you and to your readers.
    Warm regards,

    1. Dear Greet, I appreciate your lovely addition to our series "Live Beautifully", it was a pleasure to post! I wish you and your lovely family the best of everything. Here is to our "heros", please keep me updated on Anthony. Hugs, xx Rié

  7. Wonderful ! Greet is a wonderful women !
    Thank you for this post !

    1. Céline, I am absolutely thrilled you came by... I love your artistry! Your work is beautiful! Thank you for the kind words; I agree she is a wonderful women. All the best to you, Rié

  8. Love this post so much!! Thank you for sharing x @sugarandbloom

    1. I am so glad you like this post, she is a lovely lady. I hope you come back again. All the best, Rié


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