Saturday, August 15, 2015

Nancy Meyers The Designing Director Latest Film, THE INTERN

A Nancy Meyers' movie is synonymous with great design.  Many go to see her films just for the sets such as Something's Gotta Give or the English Cottage charm in The Holiday.  Today, I picked up the new September issue of Traditional Home magazine, and I was thrilled to see an article by Cathy Whitlock giving us a sneak peak on the set of Ms. Meyers latest movie, The Intern, staring Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway.  Ms. Meyers' design was influenced by the Brooklyn brownstone of J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons (love J.Crew).

"Her house had a hip, youthful vibe but was a traditional Brooklyn brownstone, so the juxtaposition was interesting.  It was really so chic, and I felt it reflected Jule's world (Anne Hathaway's character) .
- Nancy Meyers

Kitchen Photos: Joshua McHugh

Nancy Meyers' designs are always realistic and always on trend.  Ms. Meyers gives this enviable kitchen a stylish spin, an elegant modern mix with a traditional center.  The bistro shelves, white marble counters, Hampton blue cabinets and moldings around the windows add a current feel, while retaining the original fireplace and antique wood floors of this Brooklyn townhouse.

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

"Because Jules and her husband are a young couple, we tried to furnish their house on a budget - the budget they would have."
-Nancy Meyers

Photo: Francois Duhamel

Mrs. Meyers filled the set with furnishings from local antique stores and catalog items: a Restoration Hardware reclaimed dining table, a Lindsey Adelman chandelier, and Josef Hoffmann dining chairs.

Photo Francois Duhamel

Nancy Meyers' Design Inspiration for Jule's home:

Jenna Lyon's former Brooklyn Townhouse, which by the way was sold and redesigned by the design firm of Roman and Williams.

To see more of Nancy Meyers' set design of The Intern, visit: 


  1. Seriously, everything she does makes perfect sense for the film's characters, doesn't it? I love this, especially the
    "wardrobe" room. And, the open shelving in the kitchen. Has the most happening vibe !!

  2. Wow this is the definition of apartment style! It makes me want to go to NY, buy an apartment, then copy this one exactly!
    Lovely post, and engaging writing!

  3. Adore ber style can't wait to see the movie!!!

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