Monday, March 7, 2016

The Cook's Atelier: Cooking School, Vintage French Finds, & Pied-à-terre in Beaune, France

As spring is just around the corner, many have already begun making vacation plans.  With everyone's eye on France and the love of vintage French finds and food, what could be better then an all inclusive trip to The Cook's Atelier which is the kind of place American cookbook author James Beard would visit on the pretense of relaxing and taking a few classes.  Nestled in a small town in the Burgundy region of France, The Cook's Atelier in Beaune (with a population of 25,000) is an epicurean center: cooking school, culinary boutique, wine shop, and pied-à-terre rental.  Perfect for your upcoming vacation.

The Cook's Atelier was founded in 2008 by mother and daughter team Marjorie and Kendall, when Kendall fell in love with France and moved to Beaune in her twenties to study Viticulture.  Her mother Marjorie had a little restaurant and cooking school in the U.S. but travelled frequently to France to visit Kendell, deciding one day not to return home. (Oh, let that happen to me...)  They combined their passions of food and wine and The Cook's Atelier was born. They are also the new face and inspiration of Williams and Sonoma's Open Kitchen.

The Cook's Atelier offers market tours, cooking classes, seasonal suppers, and workshops throughout the year.  Home cooks come from all over the world to experience Burgundy, and spend the day gathering fresh produce at the markets, cooking simple yet delicious meals while surrounded by new friends in Beaune, giving their guest a true french lifestyle experience.   Since Cook's is a family affair, Kendall's husband, who runs the wine shop, and their two children, can be seen daily having a long French lunch together with a dedicated kids table in back of the wine shop where they can eat, color, and play.  (So charming)

Making your stay in historic Beaune even easier,  The Cook's Atelier Pied-A-Terre is available for rent.  This beautiful light filled apartment with a small, but well-stocked kitchen, is centrally located to the market and restaurants.  Included is everything you need from WiFi, a washer and dryer, linens and household amenities.  How easy is that!  Let me know if you book a stay, I want to see pictures!

Bon Appetit  

"The Cook's Atelier is a very magical place. When we decided to create the epicurean center we wanted to create a place where home cooks could come from all over the world to learn about Burgundy through a cook's view.  The training and techniques are all French of course, and it's very market inspired."

"We're very lucky also to be able to share our vision with people who come to visit us.  The whole idea is to get everyone involved and really loving the process of shopping and cooking so they will be inspired to take that feeling home with them."

Cabinet shown stocked with Williams and Sonoma Open Kitchen, cook tools and tabletop items .

**Photos courtesy of Williams Somona TASTE video (captured by Portobello Design), and The Cook's Atelier website


  1. What a wonderful place!!!It makes me want to learn to cook!! Thanks for sharing! xo Leslie Sinclair

  2. I saw this in the WS catalog but didn't look into it any further. Such a nice idea, couldn't we all run away to a little town in France? Thanks for sharing with us!

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