Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Le Château de Moissac in the South of France & A Personal Video Tour with Sharon Santoni of My French Country Home

In the south of France where lavender fields are endless, olives are warmed by the sun, and sheep happily graze, lies the most gorgeous 17th century château, lovingly restored over a 10 year period and called home by Marie-Christine and her husband Luis Caviglione.  Life at Le Château de Moissac encompasses the Art of Living and Restoration, as well as the Art of Inspiration for photographers and stylists, often playing host to private receptions, including weddings and professional events which rent the château; "A concept of hospitality reinvented each day".  I first became aware of the château through Sharon Santoni's personal tour video, which I have included for your viewing.  Her warm narrative and the beauty of Le Château de Moissac will leave you inspired.  

C'est Magnifique!

Video: Sharon Santoni; by Jean-Baptiste Raimondi


  1. Loving the contemporary French furniture in this ancient home. Beautiful everywhere you look, isn't it? xx's

    1. It is! And I so love Sharon's video! I must have watched it 30 times!


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