Saturday, September 23, 2017

Couture, Chintz & Whimsy - The Delightfully Pretty Life of Mrs. Alice Naylor-Leyland

English Rose Alice Naylor-Leyland's fairy-taled world of chintz, coutured frocks, and rose filled conservatory has a panache for adding in whimsy, 'so its not boring'.   Naylor-Leyland known as @mrsalice to her over ninety thousand Instagram followers, shares her life and style with us in a enviably pretty, glamorous, and colorful world.  I recently came across photos of her estate featured in Architectural Digest written by Amanda Brooks.  Here are just a few photos of her John Fowler inspired Regency country house, Stibbington, in Cambridgeshire, England that she shares with her husband Tom, and children Billy and Nancy.  You will want to see her entire estate, and follow her on Instagram.

Welcome to Alice's Wonderland, it never looked so pretty...  

"The house itself is traditional & whimsical.

When it was built everything had decorative flourishes, so modern 

furniture doesn't work.

I like using chintz and florals because they haven't been seen for a 

while, so, ironically, they look fresh and new."

Photography: Simon Upton
Read and View the entire article here:


  1. SO British, English rose and all. Love the bathtub/closet room for it's total personality in and of itself. And the kitchen, just charming. Having the animals at the table enchants me.
    Think anyone would question this at my age ???? Sendinng love, beautiful Rie

    1. I think anyone at any age would be charmed by animals at the table, I know I would! xx

  2. I would have to agree, wonderfully colorful and charming, I love the kitchen and the nursery, and yes who wouldn't want to have cake and macarons with a cheetah, a tiger, and a giraffe!


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