Monday, April 23, 2018

Pretty is ... A Connecticut Weekend Home by Designer Ashley Whittaker

New York designer Ashley Whittaker has turned a Greek Revival home in Connecticut into a light and airy breath of Spring.  Color, pattern, beautiful linens, and de Gournay wallpaper of course, taking florals from accents to breathtaking showstoppers in pastels and jewel tones through-out this perfect weekend hide-away.  House Beautiful featured this home in the March issue to much acclaim, and is written by Hillary Brown and beautifully photographed by Read Mckendree.

"I'm constantly thinking about contrasting textures, like combining silky and coarse or velvet and linen.  It doesn't matter how many patterns and colors you have going on - the room will feel flat if it's missing that sense of dimension." 

"The Library's rich Prussian blue was inspired by the living room's wallpaper - you see it in the bird's feathers.   I then pulled that deep blue back into the living room:  It turns up on the table lamp, on the garden stool, and in the painting, as well as on the subtle welt along the seat of the side chair.   Even the butterflies on the sofa's pea-green pillows hint at that blue.  You might not notice these little details, but they give both spaces a sense of harmony."  

"As I design a room, I'm always considering the space next door. What are the contrasts, what's the continuity, what do I want to see more of?"

Quotes: Designer Ashley Whittaker

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