Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Interior and Hospitality Design: Patrick Sutton's New Book STORIED INTERIORS

I received a gift in the mail from award-winning Baltimore-based architect and interior designer Patrick Sutton who sent me his new design book STORIED INTERIORS, penned inside was a lovely note inscribed to me.  Incredibly thoughtful and much appreciated.  His work is varied, rich, and showcases not only his love for architecture and design, but also his love for travel and stories of memories with his journalist father and fashion model mother.  "The golden light of Roman piazzas, the colorful spices of Marrakesh street markets, the polished marble floors of a Paris hotel..." are narratives that translate into evocative interiors that shape his designs and craft a story that resonates with his residential clients and pours freely into the boutique hotels and restaurants he designs.   This is not a first glance book, but rather one that presents a framework of architecture and individual design that compels thought and study.  This is just a piece of his story....  I hope you enjoy.

"There are many buildings and spaces formed from walls and roofs. But it is only when the individuality of the inhabitants and their stories infuse the genesis of each project that a space can truly develop its soul." 
- Patrick Sutton

~An Appreciation of Travel and Design~
Photos by Gordon Beall

A Clocker's Tower
~Maryland's Horse Country~
Photos by Max Kim Bee

"Designing for the hospitality world is all about curating an experience.  It calls for transporting a guest out of his or her current life and into a new story to be someone else, if only for a short time."

"When you think about your destination, you are essentially planning a two-hour vacation.  You want to be transported someplace new, and it is my job to get you there."
-Patrick Sutton

Sagamore Pendry Hotel
~Baltimore's Fells Point maritime neighborhood~
Photos by Roger Davies

Tagliata and the Elk Room
~Italian Romance meets Industrial Baltimore~
Photos by Roger Davies

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"Like my father, I have become a storyteller of sorts, I seek out the spirit that inhabits a place and weave in the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of my clients in order to craft a tale that is theirs alone"

PATRICK SUTTON is the founder of his namesake firm, Patrick Sutton, a leader in the luxury interior design industry.  He has received the ICAA John Russell Pope Award for Outstanding Residential Interior Design, was named the Boutique Hotel Designer of the year in 2017, and was awarded the Washington Designers' Choice Award for Hall of Fame of Interior Design in 2017.


PILAR VILADAS writes about architecture and design.  She is the former design editor of T: The New York Times Style Magazine and has written three books on interiors, including Domesticities: At Home with The New York Times Magazine.

My sincere congratulations to:  
Architect and Designer Patrick Sutton on his first book, and thank you for my thoughtful note.    
Hello PR Group, Catherine Santonacita and Bianca Granado for the opportunity.  
As well as Images Publishing.  
It has been my pleasure.  
I wish you all the best of everything.

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