Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Intentional Living: Weekday Mornings

A lovely table scape of green cabbage-ware and yellow lemons and daffodils...and what a beautiful view out her door by @melissa_penfold.  

Build in time for intentional living during the weekday mornings, to use a pretty plate and cup and sit near an open window if it's warm enough, even for 5 minutes while you eat your toast and listen to the birds sing or feel the breeze.  Or set a lovely table the night before and have your coffee or tea amongst this pampering setting.  Turn on some classical music or a favorite inspirational podcast, have a mini devotional time or pen in a gratitude journal.  Setting the tone and mood in the right direction for the entire day.  

It is amazing the difference it makes to add in intentional living to our busy week.  

I appreciate you, you add beauty and kindness and your God-given gifts to the world around you!

Happy Tuesday my friends...


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