Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sunday Chic: Australian Designer Cameron Kimber's Love of English Country-House Style

Inspired by the late American Philanthropist Bunny Melon, Australian designer Cameron Kimber built a new home in New South Wales and filled it with his love of English Country.

"I wanted a simple House that was quite cottagey, but I had some big paintings and collections, so I just stirred it all together"

It is in his "stirring" that his home and his designs frequently are featured in magazines, blogs, and Instagrams, and are worth revisiting again and again.  His pale neutral rooms are the perfect backdrop for his large-scale furnishings, he says, "I like everything to be comfortable", and changing or adding to his collections of vintage fabric, English and Chinese ceramics, antiques, layered rugs, and oil paintings allows him to do so with ease.  He also includes a snug room with rich colors for evenings:  "In all my houses, I've had a room that feels cocooning and enveloping." 

"I like the way English interiors have a handed-down look.  It doesn't matter if something doesn't quite match or isn't perfect, and it's OK to have the dog bed in the sitting room.  Things are beautiful and comfortable, and that's really all that matters."

Along with his gorgeous designs, it is this 'Intentional Living' that inspires me most.  Living with items you love and in the way your family's life and home functions best.  Our homes should be beautiful, welcoming, appointed... but they should have "us" in them, regardless of where you live.  Welcoming friends and family into our homes is a gift to them and us.   Here is some Sunday Chic for inspiration!   Enjoy!

House & Garden article:  Here

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