Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Summer Time and the Living is Easy


This reminds me of the first Summer in a new town, riding my bike with my brother to my aunt's to swim in the pool, with grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade lemonade with a sprig of basil...
popsicles, Marco Polo, beach balls, lawn baseball of course your cousins always won because they were older, evening tag, then bath time and falling into bed with a smile, so tired you slept sweetly dreaming your cousins would be home again tomorrow to replay the day all over again.  

 It's the little things isn't, like choosing joy even in difficult times.  
Like the @forkingandcountry song says, 

"And I choose joy
Let it move, let it move you
Yea, I choose joy
Let it move you, let it move, let it move you...."


This beautiful poolside scene is from @serenaandlily 
Everything is 20% off for their Summer style event.  This post is not sponsored, just thought you  would like to know.  I love a sale

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