Saturday, September 27, 2014

Designing Style: The Art of Living Well

"It's difficult to describe style.  It's not what you are wearing, but how you wear it.  It's a personal thing and is reflected in the way you arrange your house, your taste in books and art - the personal stamp you give to everything you touch."  - Carolina Herrera

Kindness is a designed life, a lasting memory, and a precious gift.  If someone asked me to define style it would be kindness; it is the art of living well.  As a new blogger, this is what I have received from so many people: family, friends, fellow bloggers and people of whom I have written posts.  It's thrilling to have someone leave a comment, favorite a tweet, take the time to re-tweet a post, or list your blog on theirs! 

This afternoon I received a beautiful hand-designed necklace from a talented lady, Marsha of the blog Splenderosa.  I am just thrilled to have won her gorgeous necklaces from her give-away on her blog. More than that, I would like to express my heartfelt thank you for her continued support, encouragement, and kindness to me.  Marsha was the first blogger out of the gate to leave a lovely comment on one of my very first posts, and has from time to time sent me encouraging and thoughtful emails.  Marsha, style is the personal stamp you give to everything you touch.  

Isn't it lovely! Thank You!

 The Holidays are coming and Splenderosa is the perfect place to shop!  Here are just a few of her beautiful designs:  

All the best, Rié


  1. Splendorosa has such beautiful treasures! It looks like a great place to get lovely holiday gifts! Your new necklace is beautiful - love the cobalt!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

    1. Leslie, I'm in Houston !!!
      Would love to meet you guys.

    2. Leslie, I appreciate you so much! It's almost October and your new book: SEGRETO STYLE is almost out! Can't wait!! xx Riè

  2. Rie, this is the most generous shout-out to another blogger that I've ever seen. Thank you SO very much. And, to receive a comment from Leslie at Segreto means so much. You should kiss the ground that she's reading your blog and say thank you to her as well. Sending love, darling...


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