Monday, October 6, 2014

Café Inspirations From Around The World

"Café Brasserie" in Paris, France

... the leaves are tiny, a mixture of yellow and green, and are beginning to fall from our tree in the front yard.  Brindled by cooler weather coming, they will become golden, burnished copper, and some daringly red; a beautiful composition of a threadbare Persian carpet.  Calling me to grab a scarf, and my favorite rake; the little green one with hints of rust and one tine bent just so to reach the corners, an accidental gift when it caught on the root of a boxwood.  A new week begins, sure to be filled with the everyday, but I hope these Café's from around the world inspire you to take some time to grab a book, a friend, or a loved one and linger, laugh, and notice the change in the Season...

"Locanda Verde" in New York City, USA

"Café Regis" in Paris, France

"The Jane" in Antwerp, Belgium

Café au lait

Une table pour deux

Café sur un journal

Bringing Nature Home: Floral Arrangements Inspired by Nature, written by Ngoc Minh Ngo.

"La Esquina" in Copenhagen, Denmark

Italy Baci

I hope it's lovely where you are...  All the best, Rié


  1. There isn't much more charming than a café and yours are no exception!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes


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