Wednesday, August 22, 2018

A Book Store - A wonderful start for a Wednesday

The morning is soft with a lovely breeze, and a Trenta Black Iced Tea - Lemonade no sugar is in my hand.  I have the desire to hunker in a really good bookstore for several hours.  The one in my head is from @jo_rogers a delightful, engaging Instagram that is a wonderful read.  Do you ever have those extravagant ideas in your mind?  I do.  Buying a plane ticket to London just to go to @johnsandoebooks seems entirely providential, and somehow worth it.  But certainly not in the budget.  Instead, I will continue on with In a French Kitchen by Susan Herrmann Loomis and choose from her delicious recipes something to make for dinner.  I do have a French market basket from @thecooksatelier to carry it all home in, which does seem like a mini trip - and will happily re-read many of Jo's posts once again.  
A wonderful start for a Wednesday.


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  1. Rie', I spend half of my life dreaming of my next travel destination, and it's not a waste of time at all. The anticipation of the holiday is just as important as the real thing. Dream away, my friend. And, yes, this place looks so inviting. Like we used to have, not the BIG HUGE exactly-the-same all across our country book gymnasiums.


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