Saturday, August 25, 2018

Amanda Brooks: A City Girl in the Country has a New Book and a New Shop

A city girl in the country was only for one year, so Amanda Brooks thought when she moved her family to her husband's family farm in 2012 but happily it has become a way of life; one that is focused, peaceful, inspiring with the unexpected satisfaction of slowing down and enjoying each season.   She wrote a delightful book chronicling her new found life that premiered this past June, Farm From Home - A Year of Stories, Pictures and Recipes from a City Girl in the Country.   And if that wasn't enough, she opened what could only be described as the most perfect English shop, Cutter Brooks which is located of course in the most charming of places, the Cotswolds.   She also has plans to open a cafe in back... 

You can see more of her lovely shop on her instagram @cutterbrooksshop 

Purchase inquiries to 

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