Monday, August 18, 2014

Brocante: Trouvais and French Kissed - The French Summer Market

Jermaine's beautiful home and front garden in Santa Barbara.

This weekend I had the great privilege of attending The French Summer Market nestled in the hillside of beautiful Santa Barbara, CA.  This lovely brocante was held at the beautiful and stylish home of Jermaine from the blog French Kissed.   Jermaine is a designer and photo-stylist based in Santa Barbara.  She believes "No matter a home’s stature or pedigree, good design and styling leads to a more complete enjoyment of our surroundings and ultimately an enriched lifestyle that we make uniquely our own."  I couldn't agree more!  Her home, while lovely, and gardens-enchanting, doesn't compare to her warmth and extended hand of friendship. Sharing her passion for creating the curated home and garden, Trish from the blog Trouvais, brought her lovely textiles, many from the 18th century, adding texture and history to the brocante.  Trish is a lovely person, so warm and friendly, and is as layered as her 18th century Italian brocade velvet.  She has a gift of presenting the history of her linens as a well-spoken novella. 

Vignettes of our day.

The French Summer Market was displayed skillfully throughout Jermaine's enchanting home and gardens,  allowing you the luxury of strolling and shopping the artfully displayed vignettes.

Trish of Trouvais-  The beautiful uniform of another era.

Over-dyed Carolyn Quartermaine Fabric pillows in shades of soft pink and lavender,
and crisp whites to inky greys.  Beautiful! (Picture courtesy of Trouvais)

Handmade antique metal lace, gilded, aged, and lovely.

Jermaine's beautiful courtyard and breath-taking view.  Look at that Santa Barbara sky, isn't it gorgeous?

Brocante is merchandised throughout her garden and her home, in lovely vignettes.

Jermaine's vignette: wine crates are used to display vintage china, as an oil painting leans gracefully on her garden bench waiting to be taken home.

If you are wondering if I bought anything, I did!  Do you want to see? ...

Voilà!  Ils sont beaux, n'est-ce pas?

The Limoges tureen is gilded and lovely, from Jermaine at French Kissed.   The sachet is a MET Musuem deaccession* c.1770 from France, with silver/gold floral brocade, and has antique linen on the back.  The sachet is filled with Trish's (Trouvais') dried lavender from her gorgeous garden!  

I would like to invite you to come and enjoy these beautiful, dreamy blogs from two of the nicest and most talented bloggers!  Please click below:

All the best, Rié

*(to officially remove (an item) from the listed holdings of a library, museum, or art gallery, typically in order to sell it to raise funds.)


  1. How wonderful you got to visit this beautiful home and garden for The French Summer Market. I love the Limoges tureen and the brocade sachet you purchased. I enjoyed perusing the Trouvais and French Kissed blogs as well. Great job, Rie'

  2. Hello, Rie...I'm visiting from Trouvais and am so happy to meet you. I'm following !
    xx's from Houston

  3. Marsha, the pleasure is all mine! So glad you came by to visit us and are following, I am honored! You blog is lovely and I am following! xxRié

  4. So fun! I wish I could have been there. Looks like there were some great finds!! P.S. Gave you a shout out on the blog yesterday!! You do such a lovely job! xo Leslie

  5. Leslie, I am overwhelmed by your kindness, thank you!! Your a talented and generous person, and your work is unparalleled. I hope in the near future we will see more of your new designs! xxRié

  6. Beautiful location, finds, and new friends! Thank you for this lovely post!

  7. Yes, and I hope they will do this again soon! Thank you for coming by. All the best, Rié


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