Thursday, August 28, 2014

Design in Architecture: Shaun Osher of CORE (HGTV) chats with French Architect Joseph Dirand

Shaun Osher of the boutique, full-service consulting brokerage firm CORE (Cayre Osher Real Estate) revealed a 5th Avenue penthouse in New York in 2011 by the famed French Architect Joseph Dirand, on HGTV's Selling New York, and I was mesmerized.  His design is the perfect revelation of architecture and nature; an expression of functionality "while not adding, what is not needed."  The  rooms' compositions are a concert of styles, contemporary as well as classic, with relation to the framed view as the art work.  The penthouse is featured as a gallery-like showing, with a poignant design and breath-taking views as only Joseph Dirand could create.  His work is compelling and engaging and entirely memorable and the bench mark for all architects and designers.  Dirand created a conversation between line, form, and nature, it is simplicity personified.  Several weeks back,  I remembered that Shaun Osher had produced films, CoreTalks, and I am pleased to announce the conversation between Shaun and Dirand as they tour the penthouse at 812 5th Avenue was still available to view.  Enjoy!

All Photography: Adrien Dirand

Shaun Osher, founder and CEO of CORE Real Estate

All the best, Rié


  1. The design of this penthouse is unbelievably fantastic! The composition of the rooms, the tile in the bath, the framed views as art - STUNNING. So glad I took the time to watch the CORE Talks interview. I haven't had time on a regular basis to follow the blog, so I am binge-reading August. Love them all, but especially enjoyed Scotland and Britain. And that fantastic blue sky in Santa Barbara! Thanks for procuring and condensing so much loveliness in your blog! With anticipation for what's next... Kelly

  2. Kelly, Thank you so much for the encouragement, and for binge-reading August! xxRié


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