Monday, December 29, 2014

Just in Time for New Year's: The new RALPH LAUREN RESTAURANT, the POLO BAR, New York

"I have to figure out where I'm going to sit for the rest of my life," said Ralph Lauren dressed in a perfectly-fitted suit of Scottish tweed and gold chained pocket watch.   Ever handsome and stylish at 75 years young, Ralph Lauren's The Polo Bar, which is scheduled to open in time for New Year's Eve, is just steps away from his flagship store at Fifth Avenue and 55th Street. Ralph Lauren describes it as "It's tradition with flair."  "The food you're going to come here for is really the best I can do," said Mr. Lauren.  

The Polo Bar has a Old World, decidedly American aristocracy feel, very warm and inviting, the perfect place to come with loved ones or friends on New Year's Eve.  "You've got to be someone who pays attention to the details," Mr. Lauren said, and isn't it those gorgeous details we have come to expect from Ralph Lauren.  Happily he always exceeds our expectations and gives us more than we could imagine, that is the essence of great design, and oh so, perfectly Ralph Lauren.

The Polo Bar Burger

Corned Beef Sandwich with Melted Swiss

"I'm about longevity, I'm about timeless."

The Bone-in Rib-eye

"It was not my idea to be trendy.  I don't want to be the hot restaurant.  I want to be the restaurant you want to go to twice a week."  -Ralph Lauren

If you live in or are coming to New York, get your iPhone out and make reservations now.   For me, I have added it to my list of reasons why I want to move to New York, or visit very soon!

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

I hope it's lovely where you are...
xx Rié

The Polo Bar
Ralph Lauren Polo
One East 55th Street
New York, NY 10022


  1. What a man. Stylish and fabulous at 75! YES, timeless is such a great moniker for such an institution. Rié, thank you for the loveliness I've discovered on your blog just weeks ago, and for your kind visits to me. May 2015 be a stylish, fun and happy year for you! Anita

  2. Rie, thank you for posting this. The exemplary & iconic Ralph Lauren does it again ! This is one place I would not miss when visiting NYC. I sat next to him once, during breakfast at the Plaza Hotel. And who does not admire him? A true American self-made man who everyone loves. Bravo !!!

    1. Marsha, The Plaza Hotel for breakfast and seated next to Ralph Lauren... a lovely, stylish, morning! He really is exemplary, I can't name another designer who has branded their look and lifestyle living, where anyone can describe anything by saying... "You know, it looks like Ralph Lauren." and everyone knows exactly what they mean. Happy New Year's to you! xx Rié

  3. Ralph Lauren, the man who never sleeps! What a beautiful place to dine!

    1. Yes! It does seem that would be the only way he could get all of this done! Thank you for stopping by. Happy New Year to you! Rié

  4. It looks amazing - can't wait to try when we are in NYC!! Wishing you all the best in 2015!

    1. When you go to NYC I would love to see pictures! Love your blog! Thank you for stopping by. Happy New Year! Rié

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