Saturday, August 30, 2014

Charlotte Moss Garden Inspirations

Recently I started an Instagram for Portobello Design, I began with pictures from the blog "Pour La Table" "Weekend Chic".  I just recently started my collections: #Saturday #whites,  and a perennial favorite #blueandwhite.  I like the idea of collections or mood boards and I immediately thought of the celebrated interior designer and renowned taste-maker Charlotte Moss, and Volià! #CharlotteMossThursday, with a collection of her garden collages was born.   I love every room or house she designs, her table settings and menus, and her gardens and flower rooms.   Ms. Moss's East Hampton home with her lovely flower room, zinc sink and green-glazed cabinets filled with countless vases, pitchers and bowls, where she creates the arrangements she places in almost every room, and unwinds at the end of a hectic week, makes me swoon.  And her new book (to purchase click the link)  Charlotte Moss Garden Inspirations which debuts in April 2015 is already added to my Amazon cart to preorder.

"Charlotte Moss's greatest muse is the garden, and this book shows the myriad ways the garden provides inspiration everyday - indoors and outdoors.  Touring readers through her own gardens, Moss offers insights on how to bring the garden into home life...exploring magnificent gardens around the world, including French and Italian, English and Russian, private and public..., Moss shows us-implores us-that "to behold our own patch of beauty and pleasure" (Edith Wharton) is not beyond our reach." (AMAZON) 

Pictures of her East Hampton garden

Here are the lovely and inspiring collages from portobellodesign (Instagram) #CharlotteMossThursday.  Enjoy!

I know he is not a collage, but can you blame me...  look at that face!  This is Charlotte Moss's new #Buddy poolside with his D. Porthault towel of course.  So sweet!

I hope it's lovely where you are...

xx Rié

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Design in Architecture: Shaun Osher of CORE (HGTV) chats with French Architect Joseph Dirand

Shaun Osher of the boutique, full-service consulting brokerage firm CORE (Cayre Osher Real Estate) revealed a 5th Avenue penthouse in New York in 2011 by the famed French Architect Joseph Dirand, on HGTV's Selling New York, and I was mesmerized.  His design is the perfect revelation of architecture and nature; an expression of functionality "while not adding, what is not needed."  The  rooms' compositions are a concert of styles, contemporary as well as classic, with relation to the framed view as the art work.  The penthouse is featured as a gallery-like showing, with a poignant design and breath-taking views as only Joseph Dirand could create.  His work is compelling and engaging and entirely memorable and the bench mark for all architects and designers.  Dirand created a conversation between line, form, and nature, it is simplicity personified.  Several weeks back,  I remembered that Shaun Osher had produced films, CoreTalks, and I am pleased to announce the conversation between Shaun and Dirand as they tour the penthouse at 812 5th Avenue was still available to view.  Enjoy!

All Photography: Adrien Dirand

Shaun Osher, founder and CEO of CORE Real Estate

All the best, Rié

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Scotland: Glenholme Country House and Gardens

Glenholme Country House and Gardens

Our family has wanted to visit Scotland for sometime now and Glenholme Country House is on our list of places to stay.  Glenholme in Scottish means "looks well", and does it ever, a large bed and breakfast that is as relaxing as it is elegant.  Built of local whinstone and sandstone, this Victorian home is set back from the road and stands high on a ridge overlooking meadows which stretch down to the River Dee.

It is situated just a mile from the center of the small fishing port of Kirkcudbright in Dumfries and Galloway, one of the most beautiful areas of Southwest Scotland.

Glenholme Country House is the home of proprietors Laurence and Jennifer Bristow-Smith, and boasts one and a half acres of well-tended gardens and wildlife.  Pheasants stalk across the lawn to the back door where Jennifer feeds them.  Swallows nest in the stable block, and just a short walk along the river from Glenholme, are Scotland’s largest reed beds located on the River Dee.  Here you can see cormorants, herons and a variety of duck and waterfowl, kingfishers, and otters playing under Cumstoun Bridge.

Fireside eating in the Dinning Room

Laurence and Jennifer have had a long experience of living abroad and between the two of them they speak:  English, French, Italian, Norwegian and Chinese. (wow) Jennifer makes her homemade jams for breakfast, while Laurence is Head Chef.  Most of their produce comes from their kitchen garden and is picked fresh daily.

Passionate about antique textiles and haberdashery, Jennifer designs each room with her beautiful, one-of-a-kind finds.  I would want to wake up each morning in this room because the sun touched my face, and just lie there looking out at the view, until the birds called me to come have coffee, then lose myself in the coolness of an early morning walk through the gardens until breakfast.

Each of the four bedrooms are named after political figures from the Victorian and Edwardian eras.  The atmosphere of the house stays true to its history, but is charmingly updated. 

The large Library is a comfortable place to relax by the fire; it's book-lined walls have a traditional feel that beckons you to come sit for awhile. 

This is the Rookery, a self-contained holiday cottage that was once the servants’ quarters of the main house.  The Rookery has been transformed into a light and spacious self-catering accommodation with two en suite bedrooms, a large lounge and dining area with an open fireplace, and a newly-designed fully-equipped kitchen accommodating families or small groups.  Guests staying at the Rookery have their own private area of the garden to enjoy en plein air dinning.

Path in the garden

There are three different gardens for guests to enjoy: the formal garden, the wild garden and pond, and the kitchen garden and orchard.  The lawns and formal gardens descend into terraces where rooks colonize the treetops;  a pond with flag irises and water-lilies, a vegetable garden consisting of eight raised beds which provide food throughout the summer months, and a small orchard.   I recently had a conversation with someone from Scotland, because my whole family loves a Scottish brogue I had them on speaker.  We chatted about the weather, it was raining at the time in Scotland, the beautiful countryside and shopping.  She advised we come in the summer months when it's doesn't rain as much, and I said "I love rain!" She replied in her wonderful accent, "Scotland 's for ya then."  And it is.  Glenholme Country House and Gardens is the consummate destination to get away from it all and capture the beauty of the Scottish Countryside. 

All the best, Rié


Thursday, August 21, 2014

From Britain With Love: The New Belgrave Crescent Knightsbridge Zip Pouch

As Americans we love Britain!  Big Ben, the Royals, charming cottages and architecture, noble castles, romantic gardens, tranquil meadows, lake districts and rivers, English china, well-stocked antiques shops, Austen, Mr. Darcy, Downtown Abbey, Mr. Darcey, and afternoon tea; they are heroes and allies.  When I first saw the new line of glamorous leather goods from Belgrave Crescent, it was love at first sight.  They are sophisticated, luxurious, and glamorously practical, just like Britain.  Good news for us, they have an online shop.  Enjoy!

"Exceptional British handmade leather goods.

Luxurious essentials for everyday." - Belgrave Crescent

Introducing the new Belgrave Crescent Knightsbridge Zip Pouch in the shade of Onyx;  the inviting blend of luxury and versatility.  A season-less signature piece, and a must-add to your personal and professional wardrobe, it is the equivalent of the "little black dress."  By day, use it for fountain pens, notebook, and portfolio.  By night, use it as a chic clutch for your Chanel lipstick, mobile phone, your favorite restaurant's phone number, and cab fare.  The Kinghtsbridge is perfect as an essentials-only toiletry bag for a lovey weekend getaway, or as a hostess thank you gift with photos of your stay.  The possibilities are endless.  The design, timeless.

This signature must-have piece is made from vegetable tanned Italian leather from a 60-year-old tannery located outside of Milan.   It is finished with a brass YKK zipper and gold foil debossing.  The dimensions are 11" x 8", the perfect size to fit into your brief case, hold your iPad, or tuck into your suitcase.

North Berwick, Scotland

Roséline and Paul of the beautiful blog This Is Glamorous, are the owners and designers of Belgrave Crescent.  To view their whole line visit: 


All the best, Rié

*All pictures and logos are from Belgrave Crescent and This Is Glamorous.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Brocante: Trouvais and French Kissed - The French Summer Market

Jermaine's beautiful home and front garden in Santa Barbara.

This weekend I had the great privilege of attending The French Summer Market nestled in the hillside of beautiful Santa Barbara, CA.  This lovely brocante was held at the beautiful and stylish home of Jermaine from the blog French Kissed.   Jermaine is a designer and photo-stylist based in Santa Barbara.  She believes "No matter a home’s stature or pedigree, good design and styling leads to a more complete enjoyment of our surroundings and ultimately an enriched lifestyle that we make uniquely our own."  I couldn't agree more!  Her home, while lovely, and gardens-enchanting, doesn't compare to her warmth and extended hand of friendship. Sharing her passion for creating the curated home and garden, Trish from the blog Trouvais, brought her lovely textiles, many from the 18th century, adding texture and history to the brocante.  Trish is a lovely person, so warm and friendly, and is as layered as her 18th century Italian brocade velvet.  She has a gift of presenting the history of her linens as a well-spoken novella. 

Vignettes of our day.

The French Summer Market was displayed skillfully throughout Jermaine's enchanting home and gardens,  allowing you the luxury of strolling and shopping the artfully displayed vignettes.

Trish of Trouvais-  The beautiful uniform of another era.

Over-dyed Carolyn Quartermaine Fabric pillows in shades of soft pink and lavender,
and crisp whites to inky greys.  Beautiful! (Picture courtesy of Trouvais)

Handmade antique metal lace, gilded, aged, and lovely.

Jermaine's beautiful courtyard and breath-taking view.  Look at that Santa Barbara sky, isn't it gorgeous?

Brocante is merchandised throughout her garden and her home, in lovely vignettes.

Jermaine's vignette: wine crates are used to display vintage china, as an oil painting leans gracefully on her garden bench waiting to be taken home.

If you are wondering if I bought anything, I did!  Do you want to see? ...

Voilà!  Ils sont beaux, n'est-ce pas?

The Limoges tureen is gilded and lovely, from Jermaine at French Kissed.   The sachet is a MET Musuem deaccession* c.1770 from France, with silver/gold floral brocade, and has antique linen on the back.  The sachet is filled with Trish's (Trouvais') dried lavender from her gorgeous garden!  

I would like to invite you to come and enjoy these beautiful, dreamy blogs from two of the nicest and most talented bloggers!  Please click below:

All the best, Rié

*(to officially remove (an item) from the listed holdings of a library, museum, or art gallery, typically in order to sell it to raise funds.)

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